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When you consider elements of design, you're able to play with the guidelines and blend it up a bit and have some fun. Most designers will tell you so good design is all about this mixture not the match. The constituents that go into the art of creating a fireplace is no exception. When building almost anything the guidelines to think about are form and function. The architect's perspective is definitely function and how everything works or is engineered. However, the design is what makes it pleasing to the eye and comforting to live in.

There are 5 key design elements that comprise the formula to creating a fireplace.

The first element is the type of fire itself.

The glory of wood or gas is most relevant in the final stage - the lighting from the fire. By having an actual wood fire you will never lack the sound of the wood fire crackling and glow of real embers. The choice is really a gas insert. There are many new and different designs for gas flames as well models of inserts themselves.


The second element for consideration is the facing around the structure.

This is where there are the most trends, even regionally. Traditionally, brick has been the first choice among homeowners. With the creation of manufactured stone, the cost and availability makes it a well known choice. A coat of stucco has always been popular in the southwest regions. We even see a modern trend of poured concrete or even fabricated metals in very contemporary structures.

The third element is choice of mantle.

This is when the fun really starts. How much mixing and matching are you currently confident with? Something to keep in mind is balance and proportion. Mixing materials as well as styles is sensible and sexy, just make sure your mantle doesn't outweigh your fireplace or even the opposite.

The fourth element may be the hearth.

Functionality can be a consideration when choosing materials for the hearth of a fireplace. A plus is that it will capture heat from the fire and release radiant heat for a while after the fire has gone out. Does it offer for added seating if it is long and wide enough? Additionally, will clean-up be an issue if you're burning real wood and also have wood residue and ash?

The 5th element is add-ons.

These can include a wood box, shelving for books, a distinct segment for art or components like TV's and audio/video equipment. Wherever these add-ons might be incorporated in your design, recall the heat that your fireplace can establish.

Just like any other area of home design styles, fireplaces both indoors and outdoors can follow trends. Masonry supply yards and stores that sell fireplace gas inserts are great places to begin looking for ideas as well as attending any home shows in your area. New or remodeled, fireplaces could possibly be the gathering place of the home!

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